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GPF’s Craig Immel Discusses Green Building & Renewable Energy on TBN

Earlier this Spring, GPF Founder and Managing Member, Craig Immel, was invited to discuss green building and renewable energy on “Joy in Our Town,” a program airing on the Tulsa affiliate of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).  TBN is the world’s largest religious network, delivering the Christian message of hope around the globe via television, internet and mobile devices.
Our televised segment was focused on the basics of green building, including the concepts of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies like geothermal and solar.  We had a great discussion, and answered many of the common questions that home and business owners are asking us on a daily basis these days.
It is especially exciting for us to provide faith-based communities with energy and water efficiency strategies that can help congregations of all sizes save tens of thousands of dollars every year in their houses of worship and other facilities.  Faith-based communities are now claiming more and more responsibility for proper stewardship of God’s creations on Earth, and are quickly realizing that a very effective way to protect the planet and its people is to be smarter about how they use energy, water and other natural resources in the construction, operations and maintenance of their buildings.
To learn more about all the services GPF offers to your faith-based congregation to improve the economic and environmental performance of your facilities, contact GPF today.