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Investment Strategy

At Green Property Funds, our goal is to provide valuable opportunities for local investors to participate in innovative real estate and construction projects that make peoples’ lives better. 

GPF’s strength lies in its expertise in real estate investment analysis, combined with a decade’s worth of experience in designing, building and providing consulting services for diverse types of green building projects across the region.  Our team has the skills and connections needed to develop the right projects, in the right locations, and at the right time, so we can create value for investors and for the communities we work in.  

GPF is primarily addressing new opportunities in high-performance, resource efficient buildings that can earn valuable 3rd party green building certifications like LEED®, ENERGY STAR®, The Living Building Challenge and Architecture 2030.  Our professionals have the expertise and experience to access deal flow, perform multi-tiered acquisition due diligence, design and construct first class upgrades, develop on-site renewable energy systems, earn valuable green building certifications, and to reposition and manage properties for strong cash flow and/or value appreciation.

Best of all, new legislation and SEC rules are making it easier than ever for GPF to offer individual and institutional investors new equity participation opportunities in innovative real estate development projects – without the dreaded old problems of tenants, trash and toilets that you can expect with direct property ownership and management.  Indirect investment in GPF projects also offers the valuable risk management benefit of diversification, allowing investors to own a small part of several green properties instead of having large amounts of cash tied up in a single property.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities in 2014.  In the meantime, please contact us to be notified of upcoming deals, or to discuss joint venture or other property acquisition opportunities.