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Looking Forward to 2013

Happy New Year!
I hope that you and yours had a nice holiday season, and that you’ve enjoyed some well-deserved downtime. We at GPF are anticipating many great opportunities in 2013, so I’m happy to be rested up and ready to charge ahead.
This year, we’re rolling out a brand new GreenPropertyFunds.com website to better communicate with our clients and investors, as well as to educate those of you who simply want to learn more about all the new ideas and opportunities for improving your homes and businesses while staying true to your values.
Over the course of this year, you can expect to hear a lot more from our team.  Here are some important trends and industry developments that GPF will keep you updated on for 2013:

  •      – Electric and natural gas utility energy efficiency programs are bigger and better than ever
  •      – More performance data and statistical information on building energy and financial performance
  •      – Renewed tax credits and deductions for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  •      – Growing interest in equity crowd funding of clean tech and real estate investments
  •      – Growing awareness of environmental and societal benefits of energy efficient real estate
  •      – Rising consumer demand for health, comfort and financial benefits associated with green buildings
  •      – And much, much more….

So, you can see that we expect big things for our business in 2013.  Thanks for staying in touch with us for expert, common sense insights on the rapidly growing green building industry.  We’ll be looking forward to working with you!
Best regards,
Craig Immel