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Preparing for Another Long, Hot Summer

NOTE:  Originally posted on April 9, 2012


If you know much about the South Central US, you already know that cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Austin and Dallas suffer from brutal heat and humidity throughout June, July, August and even into September.  To prepare for this onslaught of extreme heat, homes and businesses should consider getting an assessment of the thermal performance of their buildings, carefully inspecting the building shell for air infiltration points and for proper insulation.


Over the years, GPF has performed many such inspections, utilizing our building science and construction management expertise, along with our state-of-the art technology, to help property owners make smart building improvement decisions that greatly improve comfort while reducing energy bills.  While doing so, we haven’t visited a home yet that has the proper levels of insulation, and we’ve been unable to find enough insulation, air sealing or HVAC contractors to correct the problems we uncover properly or affordably – at least here in the Tulsa market.  So, following repeated requests from home and business owners, GPF is now installing many of the improvements that we have been recommending, and the reviews of our work have been exceptional.  GPF has been able to correct over 90% of the problems we find without the hassle and expense associated with calling out an HVAC technician.


We produced this short video to show you a little more about how our company performs comfort and energy assessments in homes and commercial buildings, and how we go about providing clean, reliable and trustworthy improvements that you can depend on to keep you comfortable all year long.


Watch our video to learn more, and get in touch with us to discuss any comfort or energy related issues at your home or business- especially uncomfortable or noisy rooms that may just need draft sealing, insulation or minor duct work to fix.  After all, it’s easier, faster and cheaper than a full heat and air conditioning system replacement.  We have plenty of references available, so contact us today.

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