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Green Building Consulting

GPF’s award winning consulting practice works with developers, builders, owners and managers of all sized homes and businesses, including multifamily, senior and affordable housing, schools, hospitality, office buildings and whole neighborhoods.  Our experienced professionals work smart to uncover value add opportunities in all stages of your project.  GPF’s seamless integration with your finance, design, construction, and operations teams avoids unneccessary cost premiums, delays, and missed opportunities.

Whether you’re acquiring a small investment property, managing mulitiple building renovations, developing an urban neighborhood, or just insulating your home, we’d like to show you how GPF’s experience, expertise and connections in energy-efficiency and green building can pay off for you.

Popular Consulting Services

LEED® Consulting
GPF’s green building experts have the qualifications and experience required to guide your next LEED project to success.

ENERGY® STAR Benchmarking
Do you know how much your organization spends on energy and water utilities each year?  How does your building compare in energy efficiency to competing buildings in your area?  How do individual buildings under your management compare to each other?

Energy Assessments
GPF offers several types of energy audits and assessments for homes, businesses, schools, office buildings and other property types.

Investment Analysis
GPF is uniquely qualified to help you weigh all of your potential building retrofit and finance options so you can make smart investment decisions with confidence.

Renewable Energy
GPF’s total building solutions layer the benefits of on-site renewable energy systems on top of smart energy-efficient building and retrofit strategies, so you can get your real estate on the path to net-zero energy consumption.

Insulation Systems
Although GPF advises on many energy efficiency and green building solutions, insulation is one of our most recommended energy conservation measures.

Duct Sealing
While many informed property owners already realize the importance of insulating and air sealing the shell of their buildings, most do not realize how much hot or cold air can be wasted because of leaky duct work.

Project Management
GPF’s expertise in providing professional green building solutions is backed up by direct experience in project investment and feasibility analysis, design development, construction project management, cost estimating, field supervision, quality control and scheduling. 

Thermal Imaging & Analysis
GPF’s expert building analysts utilize state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly track down the hidden causes of comfort problems, drafts and air quality issues. 

Rebates & Incentives
As utilities and governments across the country continue to realize the energy security and environmental benefits of green buildings and clean energy, new rebates, tax credits and other financial incentives continue to be offered to property owners for energy efficiency improvements.

Education & Training
GPF prides itself on our leadership in creating more sustainable real estate and construction markets where we work.  Sharing our knowledge and experience with others is a big part of how we make a difference.

Sustainable Communities
GPF utilizes proven design and development guidelines, including LEED for Neighborhood Development and Enterprise Green Communities, that provide best practices and internationally recognized green building certifications that add real market value far beyond the scope of a single building.

Energy Modeling
GPF offers building energy modeling services to clients designing for new construction or major renovation projects.  Energy modeling is a process that allows the energy performance of a given design to be evaluated prior to construction.

Building Commissioning
Building systems commissioning is a best management practice that inspects and evaluates newly installed building systems to ensure system installation and operation meets design requirements.