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Duct Sealing

Duct SealingWhile many informed property owners already realize the importance of insulating and air sealing the shell of their buildings, most do not realize how much hot or cold air can be wasted because of leaky duct work.  Duct leakage rates of 20-30% are common – even in new construction.  This means that up to 1/3rd of conditioned air is lost to your attic, crawlspace or other unconditioned space, instead of delivering the affordable comfort your system was designed to provide. 

Not only do leaky ducts waste money and make you uncomfortable, duct leakage also makes your furnace or air conditioner work a lot harder to heat or cool your home, shortening its useful life.  Duct leaks also tend to pull dirt, dust, mold and allergens from your attic or crawlspace and deliver it to your living space.  Yuck. 

GPF utilizes state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly find and document duct leakage in your home or business.  We then follow-up by properly sealing your duct work, air handlers and air registers as needed, so you can stay comfortable, improve your indoor air quality, and reduce your heating and cooling costs.
Contact GPF today for more information on our cost-effective duct sealing services.  Duct sealing is probably more affordable than you think.