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Renewable Energy

Renewable EnergyGPF’s total building solutions layer the benefits of on-site renewable energy systems on top of smart energy-efficient building and retrofit strategies, so you can get your real estate on the path to net-zero energy consumption.  By partnering with best-in-class geothermal, solar and wind energy installers, GPF makes recommendations for the renewable energy technology that is most appropriate for your home, business or investment objectives.
At GPF, we are huge fans of geothermal heating and cooling technology.  We have recently partnered with STEADY STATE™ Geothermal to help our clients design and install extremely energy-efficient geothermal HVAC systems for our clients.  STEADY STATE is your one-stop shop for building heat load analysis, system sizing and design, and economic and investment analysis, so you can better understand the case for installing geothermal in your home or business.
Contact GPF to find out how we can help with solar pv, solar thermal or small-scale wind energy solutions.