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Strategic Timing for Energy Cost Benchmarking

NOTE:  Originally posted on March 20, 2012
So, you’re ready to bring your building’s rising energy costs under control?  To get started, the first thing you need to do is to develop a firm understanding of the total value of the energy your property consumes each year, as well as know how your building’s “energy intensity,” or energy consumed per square foot, compares to similar buildings in your climate zone.  Otherwise, you really have no accurate way to know if your building’s energy performance is poor, excellent, or just about average.  This easy-to-do, yet extremely valuable analysis is called benchmarking, and it is a smart first step to take before investing in deeper building energy analysis, costly renovations or replacement of major building envelope, lighting or HVAC systems.
As with any property improvement project, timing is everything.  I wrote a piece for Colorado Real Estate Journal last year that discusses the importance of strategic timing for energy cost benchmarking and retrofit projects.  Read it here, and make sure to get in touch with us on your next project – when the timing is right.

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